Divorce Mediation

Are you having a difficult time resolving financial issues? Make your own decisions through mediation.

Mediation Services for Couples Separating or Divorcing

Mediation for divorce can provide a safe and mutually respectful environment to allow couples to make their own decisions related to their divorce or separation and their overall expectations. In this voluntary and confidential process, the couple is in control as they work with an impartial mediator to decide how best to resolve their differences or to set their goals.

The Empowered Divorce Edge

Beyond traditional divorce mediation services, Empowered Divorce also offers the tax and financial planning expertise critical for so many separating and divorcing couples. We provide impartial analysis and suggest scenarios for purposes of discussion. Couples use that information to make their own decisions related to the division of assets and support in separation agreements and divorce settlements.

Empowered Divorce, LLC founder, Francisco A. Laguna, is an experienced family mediator who routinely mediates financial and tax-related matters as well as all other issues related to separation and divorce. He holds a law degree and is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), a designation focusing on the tax and planning issues affecting divorcing parties

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